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Well Steam has the game “Warframe” for free play and download right now.
Here is the link, http://store.steampowered.com/app/230410/Warframe/

WARFRAME is a 2013 free-to-play science fiction cooperative third person shooter video game both developed and published by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One (for Xbox Live Gold members), PlayStation 4 (for both free and plus membership users), and was previously available within GamersFirst Live.

Warframe is set in a distant future where the solar system is dominated between the Grineer, an empire race of militarized clones; the Corpus, a mega-corporation merchant cult with advanced robotics and laser technology; and the Infested, the name for a disease and its victims that devours all. The players takes the role of a Tenno, an ancient warrior created by the Orokin to battle a mysterious foe but left to slumber generations ago, until woken by an entity called the Lotus for the sole purpose of reuniting the scattered, war-torn colonies throughout the system.

The players are always pitted against enemies in superior numbers. To this end, players have at their disposal a varied arsenal of weapons both archaic and modern, and most notably, their most powerful weapon–the titular Warframe, each of which has a particular set of abilities. Despite being primarily a shooter game, the gameplay has a definite focus on the synchronization of players’ arsenal, allowing for limitless creativity in combat.

And sit right back and enjoy some of the gameplay. Now my pc settings were at 1080P. I was running an Nvidia GTX 960 with 2 Gigs, a Core i7 first gen, 18 gigs of memory, 250 Gb Samsung Evo SS drive, and using the Xbox 360 Controller setup for Windows 10.

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