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WARFRAME|| Settings For LOW-END PCswas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724




This test was done on a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series, but the results will be the same on lower pcs.
External monitor at 1920×1080
ram at 8gb.
HDD at 512g
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  1. Don't forget to turn some of the other features on low, then you can gradually go up depending on your results.

  2. 1:44 this isn't true. Matchmaking Ping Limit merely stops the game from matching you with people with whom you have more ping than the limit.
    As it's matchmaking, it'll ping the other player, if it's above the limit, it won't match you (ideally, doesn't work that well when the other player has ping spikes of 1.5k).
    The lower you configure the limit the less people you'll be able to play to (generally speaking, it'll be the people physically closer to you).

    What i'm trying to say is ping limit is a good tool to avoid playing with people with bad connections or that are too far away from you, but if you are the one with a bad connection, the limit will actually cripple you and keep you waiting for matchmaking for days, or simply make you play alone.

    There is not much you can do if your end of the connection has high ping because the service is bad, other than deal with it

  3. Welp, theres one TIP: Dynamic Resolution… when I had it turned off, I had like 40 fps in orbiter… when I setted it on 100, I walk in 80-120 fps… DO. THAT.

  4. Hey if i run this on i5 with 4 gigs of ram and GeForce 930mx graphics card. Can i run it smoothly even on the open world map?

  5. Intel i3 4150 3.50 ghz
    4gb ram
    Gt 610 2gb graphics card
    How much fps will i get at 1368×768 resolution at lowest settings

  6. Thank you good sir….this video changed the whole game for me….in the best way possible…God bless you

  7. Turn off vsync, put max framerate to 120, keep on high dynamic range, adaptive exposure, glare, film grain. All settings on medium but put shadows on low, turn off anisotropic filtering, turn on trilinear filtering, disable anti aliasing, turn on bloom, character shadows and weapon elemental fx

  8. thank you very much!! this was easy to understand and extremely helpful! now, I can play warframe smoothly.

  9. ping 32 avg 31
    fps 50
    fps in missiosn 82
    fps multiplayer
    fps in loading screen 15
    fps in ship 421
    logic: 100%

  10. Awesome guide but if i were you, i would atleast show your mouse cursor to what u are saying so that viewers dont have to spend time searching every word you say.. especially for these kinds of videos, anyways thanks for the guide

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