Warframe – Starter Pack Better Than 370 Plat?

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Starter pack comes with an Orokin Catalyst and Orokin Reactor, pyra syandana, nava glyph and sigil, 3 day affinity and resource boosters, hawk mod pack, streamline and 300 platinum but is it worth it over buying just the 370 plat option as they both come in at the same price?

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  1. lol, your orbiter looks like one of those tiny shops in chinatown or some Tokyo backalley, just, STUFF EVERYWHERE! xD

  2. Can anyone help me? I cant seem to use the 75% disccount to buy the starter pack on mobile. Do i need to do this on pc so the 75% discount works?

  3. Thanks for posting this. As a new player that was just gifted a starter pack, I have to say that I would have been happy to spend plat/money on it all the same. The difference between staright platinum and the pack are made up for by the Syndana alone, as you just showed. Might not be a great thing for more experienced Tenno, but for me, it was great. DE really gives goood discounts compared to the other games I play. Just one more reason to love this frackin game in my book.

  4. **WAIT FOR 75% PLATINUM DISCOUNT!!!!!!!**
    You forgot to say that those 370 plat can be bought with a 75% login discount !
    ***You CANT buy the starter pack with that discount.***
    Starter pack costs 20$.
    For ~20$ with the 75% discount you can buy 1000 plat (12.25$) and a Tennogen item (6$).

    With that example you can buy 1 month affinity, resource AND a credit booster, pyra syandana, orokin reactor + catalyst and still have 300 spare platinum (and the 6$ Tennogen skin too). By no means its worth your money.

    PS: you can just buy 1370 Plat for 17.5$ if you get the 75% discount. Be patient, those discounts pop up quite a lot.

  5. DE makes the price. So truly it costs too much. Its a digital good that isn't regulated. They could charge 1- 100$

  6. It’s nice and all but they should of toned the brightness of it down its to bright for me and I don’t use it because of that

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