Warframe Switch Review – (YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS IN 2018!)

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Warframe Switch Review and why you must download this TODAY in 2018!
Warframe is a free-to-play monster of a game which has over 5 year’s worth of content since it’s initial release and it’s FREE to play!
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With the upcoming launch of Warframe on Nintendo Switch™ , you will be able to migrate your account from PC to the Nintendo Switch!

Don’t worry – your PC account remains completely intact and playable after migration.

Read on for full info on account migration:

The first thing you need to know is that you can only transfer accounts from PC to Nintendo Switch. Account Migration is not available from PS4 or Xbox to Nintendo Switch or PC.

To migrate your PC Warframe account to Nintendo Switch, you’ll need an existing Warframe Account on Nintendo Switch. When you perform account migration from PC to Nintendo Switch, a copy of your PC account will be created and transferred to your Nintendo Switch account.

Keep in mind Tenno, once migrated, the two accounts act as separate accounts. Which means that you won’t share progress between them!

All existing Nintendo Switch Account progress will be overwritten by your PC account. All Platinum and goods purchased on Nintendo eShop before you migrate accounts will be added to your new migrated account. Any items purchased in-game with Platinum on Nintendo Switch will be overwritten and the Platinum will be returned to your new migrated account. If you purchase an item with Credits on Nintendo Switch, it will be overwritten by your PC account.

If you have purchased Platinum on PC, it will not be transferred to your Nintendo Switch account. Same goes for any items in your PC account that are not available on Nintendo Switch, those items will not transfer with your account. (A full list of items that won’t transfer will be available with the launch of the migration program.)

Clan information will also not transfer from PC. You will have to start or join a new clan on Nintendo Switch! If you join a Clan before performing account migration, that Clan information will not be overwritten by your PC account. Similarly, your Nintendo Switch account’s Friend List will not be overwritten, but your Friends List will not transfer over from your PC account.

Account sharing or selling is strictly prohibited by the Terms of Use and Digital Extremes reserves the right to suspend/ban both PC and Nintendo Switch accounts. PC to Nintendo Switch account migration can only be done once and can not be reversed. Be sure to double check all Warframe account details and Nintendo Network ID before you migrate!

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  1. veteran tip here from a traditionaly solo player. you can play solo, and in most cases, you wont really feel the need to co-op if its not your thing… BUT, i strongly advise even solo players to open relics in co-op.

    first of all relics are VERY important for any player, its where you can find the PRIME version of warframes and weapons, prime being more powerfull versions of those.

    the main reason being, when opening a relic, you may get one of its items. every relic has 3 common drops, 2 uncommon drops, and 1 rare drop. later on, you will get a device that will allow you to raise the odds of finding the rarer drops, but even then, the chance is smaller than common drops.
    HOWEVER, and this is the most important part new players dont know about, when you open your relic, you have the chance to choose the reward of any other open relic from your team mates(so long they manage to open it as well), but you dont have to worry about conflict, on the contrary, when you pick the reward that someone else got, that choice aftects only you, and its not uncommon for everyone in the team to pick the same choice, better yet, the person who does get the reward chosen by others is rewarded with extra traces(a type of currency you use to upgrade the reward chance of relics).

  2. Juan destroyed my life a few times with his awesome reviews. Sorry I have been away. I dabbled in PC building. Back on the console life.

  3. I wish we had the option to turn off the frame-limiter. I don't mind varying frame-rates. I'm really curious how much head-room there is too. There are probably parts where it would run at 40-45. I wonder if it would run at 60 in your Oribter(is that what it's called?)

  4. Great content. I wonder if you could help me out, I got stucked in the "log in failed. Check your info" thing and I can't play it. 😭

  5. I've got over 700 in-mission hours played on Xbox, but I still wouldn't hesitate to start from scratch on the switch. Definitely worth a try at the very least. Also, here's some tips and clarifications:
    – Platinum, the premium currency in the game, can be easily farmed at certain locations by collecting and trading desirable mods, prime parts, and resources with other players.

    – If you ever want to figure out the price of things for trading, ask your clan members, local chatrooms, or check warframe.market (no need for the .com) online. The website provides many different price listings however, and you'll have to average the numbers out yourself.

    – After maxing a weapon/frame/pet once, you will no longer gain Mastery Rank (MR). Putting forma into your equipment will not increase your MR.

    – For new players: do not assume the market in your ship is solely for micro-transactions. If you click your right bumper when viewing a blueprint, you can buy the blueprint for almost any weapon, Warframe, pet, or gear (like codex scanners) with credits(the in-game currency). Anything else will be available at a clan dojo.

    – If you ever need help with any missions, or simply want a group to hang out with, the chat tab with the magnifying glass symbol is there specifically for people to ask others for help. Simply state what you're doing, then add a number that someone hasn't used yet in the chat (5447, 677, 909, obscure stuff like that) and wait for someone to comment with your number. Then just simply message them or invite them to your group.

    – Make sure that if you have any questions about anything, ask your clan members, or visit a relay and ask around on the chat.

    -Warframe chat abbreviations:
    WTB = want to buy, WTS = want to sell, WTTF/WTT = want to trade/for, PC = (asking for a price check on a specific tradable item), HM = how much (referring to Platinum price), LF/lf = looking for.

  6. Again what rank did you reach when you did this I never had a problem and even if that were the case it shouldn't matter your getting a free game when free dlc I did spend some plat on extra slots because warframe is better than most triple a publishers right now just my opinion

  7. @Osiris Torres  he says it plays perfect on the pro controller. Which it doesn't. What he mentioned was not accurate and unacceptable. The game is unplayable on the pro controller. It might be a bug but has to be mentioned in the reviews. Don't assume that controls are even a little bit similar to PS4. The left stick is sluggish and inaccurate. The right stick is twitchy and makes it hard to move around.

  8. I don't understand why no Switch reviews mentions the dead zone in the Switch Pro controller, makes it impossible to aim.

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