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  1. Acabo de descubrir el juego hoy y ya lo quiero para mi cumpleaños, que por suerte es en 4 días, ya que lo vi jugar a mi amigo en ps4 y me encanto, pero yo tenia switch, y a lo peor no estaba disponible para mi consola, que suerte que este no era un video de April fools o algo así, ademas, me impresiona que para una consola portátil, warframe tenga esos gráficos tan similares.

  2. Nintendo have more motion blur so this textures wouldn't look so horrible, and you showed videos in same size, on nintendo switch it will look much better.

  3. The Nintendo switch lite is a little-bit better due to having the same resolution on Nintendo switch " the full one " but is smaller,
    So there is some difference.

  4. Isieron un gran trabajo con este juego en nintendo switch si no los compraras uno al lado del otro no te das ni cuenta de la diferencia ojalas aprendieran un poco los de ark que dejaron el juego botado el dia se su lanzamiento

  5. The only problem I have with the switch is that the triggers don't act as a lever like most controllers. But, I find it professional because if you want to be able to shoot faster, its better to do it in a click.

  6. to be honest, in ps4, the game is much sharper however the size of the screen in Nintendo switch is smaller compare to ps 4 so I want to know how does this game looks like and feels like when the owners of both Nintendo switch and PS4 play this game on both counsels.

  7. switch is more lower game resolution and 27 fps cap ps4 xbox pc is 60 fps usually with pc being unlimited fps cap, still, for a mobile system, it does amazing. panic button devs are sexy asf

  8. The Switch version has a offline mode. Something that the PC ,PS4 and Xbox One dont have. So thats a HUGE plus to count aswell y'know.

  9. My only wish is Warframe for Switch to stabilize fps to minimum 15-ish on massive battle. it's painful to play sometime in handheld mode because of low fps on 'Somewhat too many things are happening' situations. it is very stable on most part of game tho.

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