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Hello guys,
Hope you are all well in this Pandamic situation. I have noticed a point of the Game of Waframe. You all know that the game recives lots of Updates with New Frame,Gameplay,Weapons etc. With Every Update,the size of the Whole game increases day by day. I remember downloading 15 GB of the game back in 2015. But now it become aroud 33 GB. It is a burden to new Players or who redownload the games.If anyone have not a good internet connection then it took whole life to download the game.

Hope you guys will enjoy. Stay connected for more
Visit for More : https://bit.ly/2X7b9UU

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One Comment

  1. dont use OBS while downloading the game…
    OBS is known for killing the internet speed..
    and since you probablly have a slow net speed…OBS is not good…

    I reinstalled the game after the last update it took less than 45min to reinstal the game…

    + 33GB is nothing…
    Doom eternal is around 40GB and Witcher 3 is 50GB(without DLCs)
    not to mention that the FF7 Remake 'disc 1' is 100GB….

    Warframes download size is very small for the ammount of content and graphics quallity it has..

    so update your PC drivers and adjust the Warframe launcher settings…
    and maybe get a faster internet

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