Warframe | The Review (2017)

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  1. Hi all- I wanted to issue some corrections:

    1) There are raids- I just didn't know about them. I did some research on this but I confused them with something else, so I got this part wrong.
    2) Oberon Prime is NOT behind a paywall. Again, I mixed this up with something else (where certain primes get 'vaulted' for a time). You can earn the new Prime Warframes for free from the start
    3) The new Open World area due in September WILL NOT be procedurally generated. I read that the genesis of this was procedural, but I later learned that they settled on a hand-crafted lanscape.

    There's probably other things I got wrong. It just goes to show you how much is in this game, since even after 70 hours (85 now!) I'm still learning about new features every day.

    Thank you for all the support. Really glad you enjoyed the review, and if you aren't yet a Tenno, I hope you give it a try 🙂

  2. 26:56 true, but those $60 games doesn't grow. They set a scale up to certain point in the end game and that's that.

    As someone who doesn't like MTX, even I can accept Warframe's monetization methods because it continues to grow with respect to its playerbase. And I really hope that they'll never stop growing, and never stop caring for its players.

  3. With regards to monetizing, I feel like 80 ozzie bucks for a character is wayyyy excessive..
    That`s the price of an entire game, so either you get a game breaking character that everyone not spending that amount will be destroyed by and therefore will hate, rightfully so, or you get an overpriced character..
    Ten bucks is fair IMO, not EIGHTY fucking dollars, that`s a triple A title or TWO regular games, for a single character?
    You bet anyone who has the money will get something like that though, time restraints or not, simply to get into the game, and crush anyone not having the money, unbalancing it and making it unfair.
    Unless there`s no PvP in the game..

  4. I think my summary of being a new warframe player is basically

    “Is this a thing I can do?”
    “Oh dang it is”
    “What about this?”
    “Hell yeah it’s a thing”
    “Ok what about doing THIS”

  5. From what you describe it seems like everything you say about Warframe compared to Destiny also applies if you talk about Dota compared to LoL. It's free, its better, it doesn't limit your movement.

  6. It reminds me of why I liked Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and has what I wanted the new mass effect to be.

  7. Recently started playing this game again, it’s incredible, it’s confusing in the beginning but once you begin to understand how everything works and the more you learn, the better the game continues to become.

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