Warframe: The Shedu's Bugged

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WARFRAME: Skip to the 15:00 mark to see the bug in action


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  2. Shedu has extreme chance to jam when you don't empty the whole Mag. If you make sure to always full auto empty the entire Mag, it'll never jam.

    It's an annoying issue- but atleast there's a workaround.

    I highly recommend putting on Fire Rate Mods to quickly empty out your shots; Make it more fucking bearable to deal with.

    My guess on why it happens would have to be the EMP mechanic Shedu has upon emptying the Mag. — As you tap fire, I guess the game gets confused as there's no Ammo Count for the weapon, and tries to blast that EMP. But due to the requirement not being met to blast said EMP- emptying the Mag- Shedu just ends up in an existential crisis, and keeps trying to halt fire for the EMP blast indefinitely. Stuck in a loop of trying to restore it's script, but not meeting the requirement to do so. Causing the weapon to just lock up.

    A fix for the jam that I found; Archwing- but only when the Archwing defaults to Archguns (sorry Open Worlds…) So, while on Uranus is the only way I can ever consistently fix it; Jump into the water, jump back out. It's never failed to unjam the weapon.

    In technical terms, putting the player into a completely different Loadout- Archwing- completely despawns your On-Foot Loadout. This means that the Shedu is "removed" from the game due to another Loadout being at play. After leaving Archwing, and going back on-foot, the game loads in your On-Foot Loadout again. Resetting the coded script for all of your weapons, and Warframe Abilities, despawning your Archwing Loadout in the process. Due to that, Shedu's script is reset, then behaves normally again.

    Hopefully this brings some understanding, and helps to prevent this issue.

  3. iv gotten this bug a few times the only time it fixed itself was when i died completely and respawned in. but it is a great hindrance to the leveling process

  4. whoever made this video is toally correct I fired my SHEDU 3x's and it fucking Locked on me. D.E fix YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The other video is from RavenCasualGaming seen ur comment on his vid. From what i sore he was the 1st an only person that posted about this. Then now you posted to spread word. Hope DE fix it. Forums do have issue mentioned.

  6. update to the video i just max the weapon again went into another mission and after a while it jammed again so it's not just a leveling thing sadly.

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