Warframe: The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide Episode #23 How To Earn Platinum In Game!

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  1. I have some questions about the market. Should I sell prime blueprints or parts? Is it even possible to sell parts?
    Is 550 really a normal price for ember prime?

  2. How to make plat?
    Answer…..do alot of fissure, u get lucky and make random sets.
    Forget about selling those mods that cost 25-40 plat.
    Work on rivens, by alot of veiled rivens.
    Always be keen in the market when checkin out rivens that arr for sale, sometimes you get a good one cheap.
    Try buyin and selling.
    Dont ever give up on the market. Its like fishing you have to wait a while in trade before you get bites. Also when selling parts or sets and the person doesnt have enough plat always try to make a trade that equal to your item but make sure the item is either rare or helps make a better set thay you reveiving as payment. Doing this gets you 500 plat on average weekly. Rivens is the cash cow tho……..since most veteran players has a eff ton of plat and has just about everything primed stuff so they wanna make their weapond op thats why they wont mind paying alot of plat. So i hope this helps and if you get tired of the market then keep grinding fissures. I know warframe is a alot more grindy now but all of these methods bring in plat it does exactly help you progress in the plains at all i guess…but it helps with plat. i got all primed warframes and primed weapons that were before hydroid prime in just about 150 hours or 200 i aint sure.

  3. I hate people who ask for plat, but I especially hate people who ask how to make plat, like what to buy and for how much to sell to make plat. It's like, I am NOT going to tell you how I make my plat, because if you use it, you're another competitor in my way. I am not sharing my secrets just because you're too stupid to figure it out on your own. Good luck

  4. PS4 – Use a Bluetooth keyboard and use CTRL+A to select all, CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste. Hope this helps.

  5. Hey iFlynn, Did you know there is currently a bug in index that makes you loose no matter how hard you win ? I've tried in normal & in easy even with 26 – 0 victory i'm still getting mission failed and loosing my credit. Mayve you could do a quick vid to inform the community ?

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