Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 25 – ZODIAC KILLER & ALCATRAZ (Full Game)


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  1. the zodiac was a watch dog, did anyone else see what he did? offed himself with a mobile and whipped his identity, thats a mindfuck and a half for me

  2. it's funny how everybody did not like Aiden Pearce but now since they introduced Marcus Holloway everybody has a problem at the End of Watch Dogs 1 they told you that Dad said was coming to expose bloom and any organizations that were keeping people controlled by technology this game is based on introducing dedsec why is everybody hating Marcus Holloway this game is about dedsec exposing crooked people and letting you know who is in the group call dedsec Marcus Holloway is part of that group come on people I think it's just because he's black.

  3. I have the DLC. it's says on the game cover, but there is no thing on the dedsec app letting me start it

  4. I love the jacket you have on him! What is it called/where in the game did you get it/buy it?

  5. OMG its not this im doing grrrr i need to take photos of zodiac clues stuck at the salt place cant find nothing!

  6. Yeah, you know that island in watch dogs 1 and all the other places with that creepy music and the corpses laying down?

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