Watch Dogs 2 Locate and Acquire the Access Key Unlock the Door


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  1. I started this game thinking ok, looks great 100x better graphics than that rip off Mafia 3, a minute later i'm tasked with finding an access key, 5 mins later i'm getting agitated and struggling with the buttons which with new games take 10 mins to get used to since the game plays much like gta but i usually don't have to play hide and seek keys at the same time, 10 minutes later i'm sat looking at the hole my ps4 dual shock put in my television screen. Oh well, at least it was just a demo. God bless demos.

  2. I just got this game after being not so sure after the first piece of shit that was number 1 and it's safe to say Ubisoft has once again sold me a polished turd.

  3. To locate an access key, first you’ll have to enter the Nethack mode.
    This can be done by hitting the R3 button to scan your surroundings.
    After doing so, look around for a red marker. This marker will either
    appear on a laptop or computer system, or an NPC. That’s the target
    you’ll need to hack in order to get the access key.

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