WatyBot hack MapleStory Europe! March 2013!!

WatyBot hack MapleStory Europe! March 2013!!

Is a nice hack train for maplestory europe! work today 11 march 2013!!!!!! Download link: WatyBot.dll http://localhostr.com/download/romOmvo/WatyBot.dll Waty…
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  1. it wont start it says i need MSCRC.dll and watybot.dll and the watybot injector in the ms folder but i have them

  2. lol.. download le bypass (link in description), Install it and opne, after clik replace hackshield and done. In next days i make a new video and i explain best! like and sus!

  3. well everything is working but i just don’t know how to replace hackshield for bypass thats the reasen why i dc everytime i think

  4. It wont work!! it says i need msvcp110.dll WHAT TO DO??!! and i tryed (Error dll:
    Credits by waty(ccplz) but it dont work to
    pls helpe me in thi msvcp100.dll

  5. Relax! Look in description of video and enter in error dll. After download msvcp.dll and copy in system32 folder and install it.

  6. Give Waty Credits P.S Everyone The Original Watybot Website is at
    ccplz (dot) com

  7. you need bypass to use hacks he didn’t mention that in the video.
    visit ccplz.net and you find better hacks and a bypass

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