We tried Fortnite Battle Royale, it sucks. I uninstall it at the end

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We tried Fortnite Battle Royale, it sucks. I uninstall it at the endwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724





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  1. I tried three times, three fucking times before deleting this piece of shit. the controls are horrible, the fucking reticle is magnetized to the center if the screen, how the fuck am I supposed to aim like that?. I die fast and sent to the main screen immediately, so I have to sit through all that shit again WTF!!. And whats the fucking point anyway?. imagine how many times I have to start all over again and again to win. It's a fucking waste of time!!.

  2. Lol I had full health full armor and shot someone point blank with an rpg then took out the SCAR(purple weapon) and put a few more bullets into him and nothing didn’t die whatsoever, he turns around and shoots me twice my dude fucking explodes. (And no I didn’t miss, literally hit him with every single bullet)

  3. This game is fun, and they can do more with it, but I play from asia and the game runs fine most of the time, but during combat my hits don't register and the other player kills me.

  4. This looks like a mobile game don't understand the hype. PUBG sucks too but at least it doesn't look like a cartoon

  5. I play the pve aspect of the game. Friends wonts me to play br but i told them im not touching br bc not interested in it and if i wanna pvp with weapons can go play many other fps lol. Ik ganna get alot of hate but there making money from people who bought the game to fix any issues. So buying the coin of psn/xbox/pc just making br and other content for the game so dont think money wasnt involved with all there doing like iv seen people in forums saying this and that but no $$ br ganna die.

  6. This game is a mess on console. I swear you have to use aimbot hacks just because of the amount of lag and how hard it is to get even a single bullet on the enemy

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