webcam hack! your webcam is not safe ! 2012 hacked webcam ! Video live cam hacking*

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webcam hack! your webcam is not safe ! 2012 hacked webcam ! Video live cam hacking*was extracted from


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  1. Sick fucks why the hell would you do this the world is fucked up I can only imagine what the guys who do this look like probably one cheeseburger away from death 

  2. This is crap, I have seen most of the videos listed on this montage and not one of them were hacked….

  3. what happens when you forget to uncheck those "do you want our toolbar?" when you install most free things

  4. Shit, fucking hackers have seen when i pick my nose ???, as a guy said before! Nothing that a tape can't fix ???

  5. It is true that any webcam can be hacked as long as there is one… As long as they find a way to it it can be controlled by the hacker however turning it on and off etc…
    Thats why its always safe to make sure if you have a removable or plug in, to make sure its unplugged when its inactive and to always cover or shut your laptop unless your using it…
    Its happened thousands of times all around the world and can be done by almost any idiot with very little IT skills and internet access.

  6. OMG THIS IS WHY I COVER MINE WITH PAPER AND TAPE AND TAKE IT OF IF IM USING IT. haha trust no one not even technology.

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