1. “It has 161 days left” The video has dated on: 06/March/2013 Today is
    14/September/2013 192 days (approximately) since 06/March/2013 it’s
    EXPIRED, people…

  2. never learned grammar schools dont attend to teach it to me anytime soon
    neve rlearn due to siezure problems in the past learn to do more searching
    looking in beofore u do

  3. First go back to school and learn simple English, your spelling and grammar
    is notorious! Webroot is the top Antivirus Software available, so there is
    no reason not to like it. At no time does it mention 161 days in the video.
    Since I watched on my phone, I didn’t see the description until after
    commented from a PC.

  4. you did great,,hard to find its keycode anywhere.you saved my worries.it
    gave me 144 days.satisfied for now.and do hope,you will upload some more
    new keycodes later.thanks man.

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