1. The serial works but then it makes you enter the account password send me
    the account password in priavate message please thanks ryan

  2. hay i’m trying to find out how to get those spysweeperUI and spysweeper exe
    files out of task or to turn the them off how do i do that

  3. Thank you. I actually purchased this but when it came time to get the key
    code on the back the Cd cover I scratched it too hard so I couldn’t read 4
    of the letters and could not talk to Best Buy about it since my father
    purchased it for me when I was at his place which is 6 hours from where I
    lived and he had the receipt and do not have much time to mess around and
    call all these places about it since my classes start back up tomorrow
    morning. Thanks!

  4. Hay man its asking for account password please pm me the account password
    for this software ill really appreciate your work if you provide me

  5. i think spy sweeper is the best im after usein a few other software but i
    came bac to spy sweeper its the best antivirus out der

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