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  1. The watermark happens because website x5 connects to the internet even if
    you block access, there is a solution for that too lol, its in pdf included
    with keygen but I have to agree with you that the purchased version is
    better 🙂

  2. which version are you using ? try running website x5 and then try to
    activate it with bogus information and check if its created (its an log
    file which means it should be created when you run the program), if you’re
    using the latest version they could have caught on and changed the code lol

  3. HOLA disculpas baje todos los archivos, pero me falta el programa con la
    cual genera el código podrías decirme donde lo descargo? gracias

  4. lol, I don’t buy something I can get for free. in any case we all have our
    own ways of doing things……….maintaining integrity and such. lol.

  5. Yes, but crack website for people who have a lot of photos is not an ideal
    choice, because the more times the Startup Website is on all photo
    watermark. That’s why I chose the purchase legal version, because I still
    do not enjoy something repaired

  6. Yes thats the general idea but you’d have to block it from the firewall
    also just to make absolutely sure.

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