WF|| Get Items in WARFRAME Without Spending Platinum


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How to Farm Platinum:

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  1. Great video and good advice but I do have one problem:
    Spending credits, time and parts to get syndicate to lvl 5 and you're telling me 10 plat is decent for a syndicate mod, really? I think 20, heck, at least 15 plat would be ok but 10 is kinda mocking the person who is wasting his time bringing you said mod.

  2. «Without Spending Platinum» okay this is clickbait, in trade chat you need platinum ect…we can't get every things i understand it but you have to spend platinum

  3. DA, could you please make a video on mastering Octavia? I'm starting to learn her but new players will be confused about how she works and how best to use her.

  4. Great video as always DA , that topic about the trade market is so so true, I've encountered people like that, not to say that I low ball people of their price but some of them be like.. "you're an MR25 and you're broke? You're lying" and I be like bro I really only have 51 plat lol thanks for the vid DA

  5. They put platinum first on certain items in the market to prove that you are smart enough.
    To see that if you are observant yourself, that you can figured it out.
    That's why DE don't really touch them often.

    It's like physcological perception I would say :)))

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