What happens if you hack CoC with Cheat Engine

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  1. Dummy, user data located on the server side, ur client just representation of all that data. You need cheat server side not client and good luck doing so. Cheat engine works best if u use single player game, in some games you may cheat character single player them with cheated character going multiplayer. NO other way to cheat multiplayer (server) based games.

  2. I'm not sure if you know how client/server packages work. Server games merely means it stores your information/sends it back.

    There are ways to modify packages whilethey are sent out if you know the right coding/application. Cheat Engine only modifies the client side BEFORE it sends the data packages out and is just rewritten or disabled before theyre sent out.

  3. there are however, private servers that have unlimited resources. but the main server can never be hacked unless you have a friend who works for coc on supercell, but that might throw him out of the company so, coc is a game of only reality i guess..

  4. multisided games can not be hacked with cheat engine because thevalues are saved in the servers of the game :*

  5. hey you didn't saved the data for that app that's why when you restarted the app the amount got changed to the original

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