What if You NEVER Activate Windows?

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Windows has always had certain penalties for those who either wait to activate their copy, or refuse to at all. But what actually happens if you just ignore the prompts and never activate your copy of Windows with a genuine key? The answer depends on your version of Windows, so we go over all the different penalties in the most recent versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. It may surprise you!

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  1. I bought the install disk a few years back. I often do a fresh install whenever I get new hardware or just do get rid of bloatware.

    I recently got a new motherboard. I’ve had 3 previous motherboards without issue. However, with this new one, it is telling me I need to buy a new key.

    What should I do? Do I have to buy a new key? Is my old key useless now? Can I tell them that I am not using it on multiple computers, but have just replaced my busted motherboard? How would I tell them?

  2. In my experience, it activates itself, even if i never put in my code. The first 'server' i built for plex required windows pro because of dual processors, i never got around to buying a licence for probably more than a year(i never actually use it as a computer so i'm never reminded, it just sits there and records OTA content) about a year ago, i go to buy a licence, and it doesnt prompt me for the key i just bought, i go into updates and activation, and it says its activated and win+pause/break also said it was activated via digital entitlement even though this poweredge R710 doesnt support that, and would have come with windows server 2008 or earlier. IDK whats going on, but two other computers have also self activated. I normally just keep the code and dont activate because i never used those 'disabled' features in windows 7(i re-image most of my machines often and have had issues reactivating after doing so in the past), but i was afraid of my DVR going offline because of a licence not being present on windows 10.

    To be clear, i have a shelf full of windows 7 and windows 10 boxes/OEM disks+licences I dont havent activated most machines because of issues re-activating after re-installing windows(saying the key is already in use by the very machine i'm trying to activate) If you get a new computer to replace an old one, i'd call it immoral to use the same licence on the new one, unless it was exactly the same, and the old one was broken

    I cant wait for UEFI-digital entitlement systems to be more readily available on the used market, where the key is stored in the UEFI, and that one key can be used for home, pay a bit more to go to pro, and a lot more to go to enterprise/edu(normally through KMS agreement and server)

  3. my windows isn't activated because i have a home license and i have pro installed, so i don't wanna go through the hassle of downgrading

  4. Microsoft : Imma not let them change their wallpaper or customize windows in any way! To get these features, they have to activate windows for a price.. brilliant!

    Me with wallpaper engine:

  5. One time my teacher booted his computer and it said that windows wasn't genuine one he signed in
    (He was my algebra teacher, and he was kinda the tech dude of the school)
    (Also, when he's mad he's MAD.)

  6. im learning how to use ubuntu. f windows commie bullshit. u geeky men are assholes!! all about money nothing really good..

  7. My school Fake windows in their computers and they just they don’t care they just leave it there like that

  8. For me Windows 10 came with a used system. After more than a year it put the reminder in the bottom right corner. I did not get excited. I moved over to Linux. Problem solved.

  9. You can buy a Windows 10 key on ebay for like $2 or $3 these days so I don't see any reason not to. The seller usually gets removed shortly after, but the key is still valid.

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