When A Survivor Escapes In Front Of Freddy Krueger – Dead By Daylight

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  1. The worse choice to use all your points on in my opinion :p and damn she had the key and damn another had a STAND XD Anyways keep up the amazing videos Prod

  2. Hey bro, here with some more advice. Turn up your sensitivity. It let's you keep better track of survivors who try to 360 you. Really good perks for freddy are discordance from legion (allows you to find multiple survivors to put as many as you can in dream state), monitor and abuse from doctor (allows you to break chase and easily catch them off guard because you'll be able to see their aura lot closer with the smaller terror radius), hex ruin from hag (obviously), and BBQ & Chili (allows you to barel down on survivors after you hook because you cant really camp with freddy.) If you want you can replace monitor and abuse with Franklin's demise to get rid of those toxic tool boxes, med kits, and flashlights.

    I got a four man and got hate mail because I was using those perks on freddy lmfao.

    BUT. If you wanna be exceptionally toxic with him use Franklin's demise, BBQ and Chili, blood warden, and noed because we hate when survivors get away from us through the gates at the end of the game. His best addons have to be pill bottle, and class photo. Then of course, an ebony mori.

  3. Pre-video comment: Prod I just watched your video on Mordhau and I can't believe how fun that video was! But it just made me think about how interesting it'd be to watch you play a game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It's a fun game but admittedly it's a bit of a commitment.
    Anyway keep up the amazing work Prod! Tell Cookie that I'll offer her up THREE weasels today!

  4. Sorry dude but the editing is all over the place and the fact that your just letting them get up and get rescued and not going for the kill is really annoying

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