1. I think the main problem people have with the beta is that it’s not open,
    but it sure as hell isn’t exclusive either. At this point 6 out of my 8
    Real ID friends have the beta, not me. Why? Fuck if I know.

  2. Good for the people with the keys to speak of this… It isnt like they
    care because the get a key 100% on the first week

  3. Thanks for the videos, I learned a lot about Hearthstone by watching you.

    The funny thing is I don’t even have the game, but it feels like I’ve
    already played it. I know the heroes, card abilities, game mechanics, but
    I’ve never touched the game. It’s like not being picked for a game of
    kickball and all you can do is just watch and observe. This is such an
    awkward feeling and I’m beginning to think I’ll never be able to play and
    just move on with my life.

  4. i think its more than that because do you notice most big pc gammers have
    hearthstone like total bicuit yogscast ect also big wow players i think its
    not so random i think blizard set it up for addvertisment i mean yogscast
    isa semi big channel but only did about 20 vids than stopped so if
    hearthstone is watching like he said plz reales more keys AND not to only
    big youtubers

  5. If they are trying to hype the game up, its been out of reach of everyone
    for to long now… people are getting bored and less people will play it
    the longer they keep it out of reach… if people watch a hearthstone video
    a day, for the last 4 months chances are they know the game inside out…
    so why play it?

  6. Soo…i guess the people who have gotten a beta key for free won’t be able
    to play the game when it’s launched before they buy it? becuase if there
    are no major bugs being reported and if it’s going to be http://ftp..then i’m just
    too mindfucked to figure out why they would keep so many people from
    playing it…

  7. I understand all that you say and I agree that this is a good way to test
    new things for the blizzard. But I cannot help still think its pity that
    not everybody can play. In our group of friends, all have received the cod
    to play Hearthstone Beta, except one which makes him “ejected” because he
    cannot play it. And that’s so god so isn’t the opposite either. But for me
    I think a beta should be a game a kind of test game for everybody to get
    more people playing it when the real deal comes out.

    But as I said before I understand your point as well and I agree on it.

    But I have been meaning to ask if you still have giving away codes and what
    i need to do to get one for my friend if I can?

  8. Also, this beta isn’t like other beta’s… since these ‘pro’ rated players
    get to keep their cards and leave everyone else with an unfair handicap. 😛
    Blizzard only cares about their money making, nothing more.

  9. This video… Do people really not understand what a beta is? 😛 We’ve had
    beta’s for years… This video wasn’t exactly needed.

    Thanks though for sucking on blizzards corp teet lol

    Love all your other video’s, this one just seemed like you were just so you
    could listen to yourself talk. >.<

  10. Hey guys I found a Site by coincidence, grab your Beta Keys If yout still
    need one

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