Why do we love post-apocalyptic games? – Rethinking Fallout 4

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  1. Though post-apocalyptia is usually attributed to dissatisfaction with society, I would actually argue that it's the exact opposite: We like society so much, that we just wish we could build it a second time. So, an apocalypse knocks down our old work, but that's alright, because now we can have fun rebuilding it.

  2. fallout doesn't appeal to me. I've played the first two for 5 minutes, didn't like it, then I bought fallout 3 and NV. I like the music in NV but to me, the story and world, neither are really that compelling. furthermore the gameplay was sort of jenky for lack of a better term.

  3. Sometimes when I watch The Walking Dead, I feel like I could punch my way through all the zombie hordes..

  4. We like post apocalyptia because we're all deep down, fed up with what is supposed to be the first world, why here in the pinnacle of human civilization do we have a government that spends 7.5 trillion of our dollars every year most of it simply to maintain their own existence, a government with an ever growing standing army of police to harass and instill fear, a government that meddles in our lives and tries to dictate how we live our lives, post apocalyptia is appealing not because of the lack of society but because the lack of government, all people like some part of society, it has a niche for everyone, we are social creatures we need it, the government however is a draconian relic of the past established by power hungry men seeking to take advantage over the hapless ignorants of the world and only exists today because the corporations it owns makes up a huge part of the economy and it still successfully brainwashes enough people into not seeing it for what it really is

  5. I'm 58. I grew up watching stuff like 'Duck and Cover'. Heck, I did the drills. I was trained from an early age to expect the worst. I've been fascinated by post-apocalyptic fiction since, well, it probably began with 'Star Trek'. For me, PA books and movies were reassurance that humanity might somehow survive that which part of me still sees as inevitable. So, for me it was a way to survive the Cold War long before I could celebrate its end. Games take it to the next level. I'm old, and hobbled by a lifetime of manual labor, but if I'm clever enough I just might survive too. Needless to say, I've been a Fallout fan since jump street. It's totally my culture. It's exactly what I expected the world to be.

  6. I love fallout because I'm in a world I can choose to follow my dreams & do something fun than working in a office building everyday from 9-5

  7. Personally, I think the walking dead would be the worst apocalypse to live in. Your chances of surviving are, like, .0001%. And even if you are alive, you probably won't last because edit her a human will kill you or a zombie will kill you. Personally, fallout 4 seems like one of the easier apocalypses, society gets rebuilt really fast, some people or hospitable and friendly-enough, and if you live in New Vegas, you live in a city, most likely, so you probably live in a good town where you won't die unless you travel down the wrong area of the desert, which won't happen if you know where the dangerous areas are, or if you are traveling with one of the factions.

  8. Destiny is Fallout + space aliens + future tech – nuclear bombs + a lot of stuff worse than any and all of this world's nuclear bombs – some form of the vault tech company (unless the traveler is a bad guy)

  9. Notice the trend on how these people speak: pitch rises to the point where dogs and glass begins to crack. There are much better ways to speak.

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