Why does Executioner DOMINATE the Clash Royale Meta?… // Clash Royale Theory and Strategy

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Seems like a simple question, right? He’s been buffed and now he’s insane! Well, I thought today we could delve a bit deeper into why Executioner is currently OP in this meta game. Sit tight, enjoy some usage and deck statistics, whilst I show you a whole new side to the Executioner! #clashroyale

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  1. Bailey I think your opinion about tornado is very sided I dont think it is op its usega rate was really low before the exe rework it is one of the most used spells at the moment yes but that will change after they reverte what they did to exe meaning nado's usage rate will decrease too (also spells usually have a high usage rate because of their value) only thing that is broken is exe in my opinion

  2. IMO buffing max range was a terrible idea if they intended to have exenado, as before you were at risk of missing 5 tile ranged units.

    I definitely preferred old one because it didn’t require tornado. Ill miss the damage though, even if it was broken

  3. While the Executioner is OP, the real offender has always been Tornado. Without Tornado, Executioner would probably not have a higher Use Rate than 20%. Tornado is, and always has been, bad for the game.

  4. Because it's a ranged tanky unit with splash, massive area denial, and capable of hitting both ground and air while costing as much as a wizard. It's a dumb card.

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