why i regret playing Destiny 2 on the PC..

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  1. Destiny 2 on the PC ran like a dream, granted I had a 1080 Ti, X99 system and 1440p 165Hz Gsync monitor but I my mate 's system with close to the recommended requirement ran the game with High preset @1080p with over a 100 fps

  2. There's a reason PC always wins when it comes to gaming. Whatever you prefer playing with, have fun and keep it up!

  3. Just dont update your graphics drivers and get banned…. lmao XB1X will have 4k 60FPS garunteed and if NOT you will see an entire community turn its back on BUNGIE….

  4. Being invited to play on pc and using a gamepad is like being invited into some1's new house, announcing u need to take a piss, walking into the bathroom, then just proceeding to piss all over the tiolet seat without even bothering to lift it. Your just not doing it right :/

  5. I have had to play the PS4 version of destiny 2 while I wait for it on the pc and I will have to alternate between platforms to play with friends

  6. I have 4 year old PC and I was able to run the game perfectly at close to max settings. From what I've seen, this port is amazing.

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