WHY TWEAKED APPS AREN'T WORKING! (TweakBox, TutuApp, Ignition, App Valley, and more!)

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Have your tweaked apps not been downloading recently? Maybe you’ve tried reinstalling an app you’ve downloaded in the past, but it’s not working or even showing up? Well in today’s video I’ll be talking about what’s been going on.

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This video is obviously for educational and informational purposes only.

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  1. So I have this problem I download these tweaked app and I download like game and stuff from there but after someday it won’t open.

  2. I just got ccp and this happens…….really!?……it was working so well too….it didn’t tell me to verify it like the last two times I hacked it and now THIS?! …appeven come back please…I had so much work there all of it gone …I hate that person sooo much

  3. Hope I download TutuApp again I’ve tried to download it again and it’s still wont download I’ll just had to keep waiting for it to work again

  4. My Profile got disappeared after 4 days after installing three applications from iosninja installed through cydia impactor.. and the appa are not opening anymore..

  5. Everyone one complaining about Spotify I’m selling Spotify accounts £1 each reply if interested

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