Why YOU should play Warframe in 2018 | Review

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Here is a concise review covering a few reasons why you should play Warframe in 2018 and beyond!

Warframe is free to download on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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  1. Recently started playing WF as a refugee from the (let's just say highly disappointing,) Destiny 2. If a decent person in my clan wasn't there and willing to speak to me (on several occasions lmao) – It'd have taken me soooo long to tab out read /watch etc.

    It is my only true gripe concerning this game. There is a grind factor involved to start out – but it's like boot camp – weeks or months of pain and then you're golden – to make all the plat you could want, to earn all the frames you could ever love to have.

    It has a particularly difficult learning curve for anyone not used to MMO's – or especially shooters with dexterity checks at almost all levels of gameplay.
    Somehow though, it just keeps pulling me/you back in, and when I do manage to rank up, – It puts a grin on my face – because I fucking earned it.

    My suggestion as a noob? – find a friend that LIKES to teach new players – that takes pride in teaching new students in the ways of "Space Ninjas" – a Sensai, that doesn't hold your hand and LOVES that you are interested enough to ASK QUESTIONS – that just directs/guides you properly – you know? THEN – you earn it for yourself.

    Seriously – it's not a chore if it brings you happiness to play.
    This game has depth and scope. You can feel the love the dev's put into it. It is most definitely NOT easy – it takes practice and time to move correctly – you will find when you first start that others seem like GD magicians the way move about! With spectacular kill shots and even more gratifying special moves for the melee kill – great powers that make you chuckle with satisfaction when the mob explodes into mush – especially in a new tough area or level. but when you succeed? – yeah, it feels freaking great.

    This game is evolving – it is NOT easy – it takes dedication and time and yes, love of being a space Ninja – but it is NOT, pay to win – and most assuredly worth the time, pain, and effort.
    I cannot recommend this game enough.

    Look me up if I can ever help. (AesirWoden) I will do my very best to guide you on a journey worth taking – and to help streamline your learning curve.
    Besides – what adventure story is worthy of repeating if it doesn't have its times of pain and sorrow? triumph and glory?
    Not a GD one – in RL – or a game.
    See you in space Ninjas!
    ~ AesirWoden ~

  2. Still play warframe more than fortnite because fortnite is to overrated. Warframe is still a good battle Royale game out there. To be honest it's still better than fortnite well me at least.

  3. When i search up warframe on the store it says there are arent any matches for your search please help me i wanna play this

  4. Used to play it a lot around 5 years ago when they first introduced ships too, even bought some cosmetics with real money but frame parts grind were so hard if you're under-leveled that I just quit and moved on, I'm not a big fan of microtransactions. I wonder if my account is still there though lol

  5. I started playing it about two months ago or so and im still amazed by the fact that its free. I mean this game is very awesome

  6. Sorry bud… I'm going to have to pass. This game is the textbook definition of boring. The community has no idea when this game gets good, and I'm done wasting my time. This game should have been good 5 hours ago.

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