Will Curse of Osiris Save Destiny 2?

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  1. Wanted to take some time and look at all of the content and updates the Curse of Osiris is bringing,
    and if these things will help fix Destiny 2's many issues.

  2. Destiny 2, when gaming have degraded so bad that it's now about timesinks. "Well, if i grind another 60 public events, the same 60 public events that i've played since release, i get a new re-skinned weapon to use while grinding hundreds more of those same public events, vs the same enemies as i've been shooting since the release of Destiny 1, that's something to do atleast. " And now, drumroll.. You can have heroic strikes, the very thing you asked for that was included in vanilla Destiny AT release! Happy? Ya, you have to pay for it ofcourse. I'm never buying anything from this greedy company ever again.

  3. Holy fuck there is nothing to do once you’ve done it all once or multiple times then over half the loot you can get is locked behind dlc and eververse. I like the idea of the dlc but when I finished I knew nothing more about Osiris that when I started

  4. I see dumb people. In exactly two weeks, when the effect of all the shimmering glass pearls has worn off, we will all be at square one. What then?

  5. The only chance to save destiny 2 is the 3rd extension , it must hit HARD, Just like the taken king did with D1

  6. I just hope to god that raid lairs can satisfy as much as an actual raid does. Raids are the main reason I play Destiny

  7. Do you think that some of these things should have been implemented at the start? do you think they took aspects of the 3 years of D1 players loved and are planning to just add it later in DLC for profit? for the kind of player you are (clearly you can't be casual) do you personally endorse this dlc? i understand your livelihood depends on d2 content and viewership, but where do you stand on the matter?

  8. I’m so glad Prometheus is op because that proves that bungie wants us to buy the dlc only to be able to compete in PVP; they are so good at balancing that this one exposes what they are doing; I’m going back to D1 and buying the dlc

  9. This is getting sad mad this game is dead shot most gaming is dead I rock with you man but this game sucks now and I wouldn’t be mad if you said fuck this shit too

  10. I don't think so, I have already quit playing & have no plans to buy the expansion pass. Not sure what it would take to get me to start playing again, just lost intrest. Am very disapointed in the game

  11. Does this mean I can actually buy a uriels I have playing this game since day one. I've opened over 60 nessus engrams alone last weekend not to mention the other ways you can get it and I still haven't fucking got it. I honestly gave up trying to get the Damn thing. I really think it wouldn't let me have one for some reason. I had a number but accidentally infused it after the faction wars were over so I couldn't get anything comparable seeing as I couldn't find a decent team in trials. I'm actually happy about the vendors if it's true because I really don't think I could've gotten a uriels with how much time ive spent on nessus

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