Windows 10 for $20?

Filename: windows10activationcode.exe

FileSize: 21 MB

Free windows10activationcode is ready for download

Windows 10 for ?was extracted from


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  1. Worked for me. First I downloaded the ISO directly from Microsoft (on my mac), used boot camp assistant to make a USB drive from that ISO, loaded it in my 1st pc I built. When it asked for activation, I registered on Kinguin, bought a key ($31.95) and it worked! Thanks!

  2. I got a Windows 10 and Office 2016 Standard key bundle from a local online shop site (bukalapak – by the retailer Lenovo Exclusive Shop) for about this much (300k IDR). Split the cost with my friend, he wanted the Windows 10 and I wanted the Office 2016, he paid 200k while I paid 100k. His key went okay, but mine ran out of activation when I used it two days later. When I complained, they then offered to refund all the money or wait two days for a new one, and they actually delivered. So no, I'd rather go with a much more trustable one than this Kinguin thing.

  3. I bought a windows key from kinguin and at first it said it was being used by another computer but after i used the automated phone activation it worked fine. Atleast it does right now

  4. Did you seriously say, paraphrasing "if you don't trust this retailer, you can give them a bit more money so they can guarantee they are legit"

  5. Everyone here is talking about the keys and then there's me cringing at the installer booting in Legacy Mode. Probably got your disk in MBR too, right? Join the UEFI/GPT train!

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