Windows 10 OEM VS Original Product key for Activation what is the difference


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Windows 10 OEM VS Original Product key for Activation what is the differencewas extracted from

OEM VS Original


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  1. Another difference between OEM and Retail versions is that you get bloatware and coercive updates/upgrades with OEM. So build your own computer and install the Retail version of Windows to avoid the tyranny of OEM.

  2. can i upgrade from window 7 to window 10 using a oem key. they oem website says this 'This product cannot be used to upgrade your system from another version!'

  3. to add to this list when i upgraded to my very old dell laptop from windows 7 home to 10 home i tried that magic jellybean thing u talked about gillses on 1 of ur live tech shows back in the day n either i entered it wrong anyways next day still couldnt get win 10 home activate so had to call ms n they finealy activated it for me but on top of all that also gilles n all gilles u talkin about ms wont help u with support for oem windows? well they did me when i had my gamein pc i contacted them about somethin through help n actually got live help n u still can get help even today with ms even on ten home n i'm sure u could or would think even for free with oem ten pro too hope this goes through

  4. With Dell, the Windows 10 key is embedded in the motherboard. If you have to do a clean install, you may be asked for your key in the beginning. If you don't have one, just click on the box that says you don't have the key. Then continue with the installation. Afterwards, you can go to settings, Update and Security > Activation. You should see: "Windows is activated with a digital license".

  5. Windows XP initially was activation free, but introduced the so-called "Genuine advantage" with Service Pack 3 ;-D

  6. I have an OEM and MS helped me with no problem free. Mind you they messed up a lot . Thanks : )

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