1. but dude I get a message that says ‘activation server determined that the
    licence is not installed’..I’m running office 2013 on win7

  2. Worked perfectly for OFFICE 2013, It even contained a video guide. If you
    want the VL version of Office, I suggest using Ovaxa but not their
    activation method. Even though their activation has the same developers, it
    simply didn’t work for me. Anyways, well done. Pm me if you need any help

  3. This because you did something wrong, just follow step by step the video
    guide. Activation works for all Office 2013 product, in the video I opened
    Word only as example!! Then, make sure you’re using Office VL edition, you
    can use the “Microsoft Tools” to convert RETAIL to VOLUME LICENSE products!

  4. Hey there, when I download KMS and activate my windows it only resets my
    expire date to 30 days. Why is this?

  5. I ran kms my office 2013 ws activated but tehn after awhile ihave to rerun
    again and again and again and again to make it actiavetd again help me

  6. if i am activating only microsoft word 2013 is that working still? Cuz i
    followed the steps u did, it was no working

  7. Nope only for Volume Licenced Office products. If you use a retail Disk it
    will fail! But every illegal Download IS a volume licenced office version.

  8. I have installed office on drive D. How can I change the KMS defaults? It
    can’t find my office, as it is searching only in drive C, default location!
    Any idea?

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