Windows 8 Pro with Activated License [No surveys,no offers]

Windows 8 Pro with Activated License [No surveys,no offers]

How to get Windows 8 Pro for FREE and Activate it! Website : Youtube took down my last video so I made a new one.Hope you like it,it’s sh…
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  1. ye of course., you can if you want,,

    actually  quadra boot is also ok,,, but it depends on your pc hardware compatibility,,in other words upgradable hardware


  2. ,of course ,when you install your windows 8,, but if you have a very important files in you drive you can back up it,,, just transfer all your important files in another drive like drive d: But take note that you need to have your hard disk in two partition

  3. he or she record the screen using the virtual pc or the virtual box ( a virtual machine or pc) and he or she rocord the screen using like( snagit by the way just wanna share the activation key for snagit 11 is


  4. it works here – Free Direct Download >>
    Latest Updated 2013 for linnk… Copy and paste this a link to your browser

  5. Also:
    I noticed that Personalization was inhibited despite activating Windows. The creator of the KJ Pirate Activator also created a program that fixes this. He posted a video with a link to a mediafire download with both the activator and the fix (in the description):

  6. It worked! Thanks so much!

    It didn’t work for me when I used a DVD, so instead I used a 4GB USB and the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

  7. You can either choose to Upgrade or Custom Install (Deleting all programs that is installed, but it should give you a folder that says “Windows Old” where all of your Non installed programs such as Music, pictures and videos should be. If you’re Uprgrading then it will keep all your current files, settings and applications. Hope that this is a little bit helpful.

    Here is the option you’ll get when you’re installing Win 8 1:24

  8. hey! can i ask something ? okay. when you run the setup of windows 8 pro and it’s done will all your files will be also gone ? reply ASAP. thanks.

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