1. Hi Albenit, did you complete the survey on the main page, after you clicked download button? Make sure you do the survey and enter the correct information. It should download then. Once it’s downloaded, enjoy your gold and happy exploiting buddy 🙂

  2. euhm i wanna download but i’m waiting like 1 hour right now and its not downloading can you help me with it please.

  3. Try another survey, the website has been updated now, you can now do the survey off the blog itself. The download should start immediately after completing the survey. Thank you and happy exploiting!

  4. I’m sorry but I am already using it for myself everyday and it would risk me getting banned. Hope you understand! Happy exploting!

  5. Try a different survey, the website has been updated now, so you can do the survey on the blog itself, happy exploiting!

  6. I did indeed, also, you don’t need to do all the surveys, as far as I know, you only need to do one survey and the file will automatically download. Enjoy your gold!:)

  7. It’s no problem mate, glad you enjoyed it! If you don’t want to get caught, don’t add too much at once. Make sure you vary it between the times you do it. 🙂

  8. rather than me download this if your using it to get like 50m a day would you mind trading me in game so use the hack to get enough for a green phat then add me on rs an trade my noobie account the money?

  9. oh my gosh! thanks so much for this brother! Works like a charm, hope I don’t get caught tho:)

  10. Hehe no problem buddy, anytime. It’s not mine anyway, but thanks for the appreciation. 😉

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