World of Tanks Blitz || HACKING EXPOSED!! (Why you can’t hack WoTB)

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World of Tanks Blitz || HACKING EXPOSED!! (Why you can’t hack WoTB)was extracted from


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  1. long ass boring video needs to be flaggef just for the intro i well any1 can report you get enough n u can enjoy tht noce ban

  2. Really? I love it when people call me a hacker. It means I did so good, they consider my skill not to be possible to exist, because I'm probably better than them. All I do to react is type in chat "lol Gg" and then say no more. Sometimes they rage, sometimes they don't. But either way, there's a smile on my face when it happens.

  3. If your on android PC or jail broken apple device ten you can get mods that can help you alittle much

  4. No you can hack it on your own side as in maybe wall hacks or even hacks in terms of aim and other things

  5. so. this is probably a bit late now (it is the 27th of july to be exactly) but. they would need good evidance that wargaming would give you a permanent ban. i mean it is pretty common on the pc version to get accused to be a bot or a hacker. that is common there. but there some people do hack on that version. but again you need evidance to prove that they were hacking (replays for example). i don't think that WoTB is that hackable cause it is a mobile game. yet i wouldn't say that it is impossible. the only hack you could have used would be an aimbot. but after the video it is impossible that you could have used one. that is obvious. (unless you would have used one that fakes the crosshair. but i doubt that you would use that). so simply said the worst thing that could happen to you that you might get some kind of notification that tells you that if you use hacks you should delete/remove them. normally you only get banned permanently if there is clear evidence, which is here clearly not existing.

  6. haha i love it when some dumbass calls me a hacker when i derp then with a borsig using heat shells

  7. I think the guy thought that he had his lower plate hidden and KimJongSpoon should've bounced on his upper plates

  8. I hear that WOT Blitz has a Fire wall that detects changes in the game that is unusual for example hacking

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