World Of Tanks Hack (AimBot,1shotKill,UnlmitedAmmo,GodMode)Updated May 12 2013!

World Of Tanks Hack (AimBot,1shotKill,UnlmitedAmmo,GodMode)Updated May 12 2013! this has chams and ASus! usefull because u can see through buildings bushes etc. Additional tags: world of tanks bot how to ha…
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World Of Tanks Cheat2013


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  1. no. the aiming is done by hand and thats where the hack comes in handy.

    the server only calculates the % of shots that penetrate armor not the actual aiming.

    if it was all controlled by the servet then how the fuck would you control your tank??

    you sound illogical and stupid

  2. You do realise this is legal in the game and not a hack. Just a skin changer. Also there are no real hacks for this game cuz its all server sided.

  3. Stop Crying for World of Tank codes you babies hahaha. Get here the World of Tank Code cheat and generate World of Tank codes for yourself >>>>>>> ow.lylpjyQ

  4. Nice Gaming! Good man!

    Du spielst wirklich gut. Wir würden uns über weitere Videos von dir freuen und sind jetzt schon gespannt! Mach weiter so!

    Klasse! =)

  5. GIve me a hack where i can make Humans teamplaying in WoT oh and a knowledge hack for the Little tiny kiddis who play the game. and a hack where all bugs are gone. and a hack where the game has a balanced system. Than i’m happy

  6. fuck you , fuck your mother , fuck your father and your whole familly of sick motherfuckers:)

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