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  1. Many people care if people bot. Bot’s are ruining every game in the world and everybody user is cheating if they are using bots. I self train for my levels and getting my stuff while other people are using a cheat.

  2. yes indeed you are truly a class A retard, a loser, a piece of shit, what is the point in “playing” a game when you are not playing? you don’t even play it? you just spend real life money on a bot program to have the program play for you? how lazy and daft can you get? are you so stuck on stupid you can’t see the pure retardation in your actions? OH don’t answer, we all know the answer, you are A complete failure.

  3. I’m not gonna pay to play with bots/program in MMORPG. I got single player games for that. Probably that’s the biggest reason I resigned playing this game or any other online are cheaters. Designers must realize that allowing those bots to run might bring them some money atm, but sooner or later more and more people will get irritated and stop playing. Also, what’s the point playing a game where a bot can achieve same/more than you w/o any effort.

  4. I’d get them banned. I have 2 85’s (no MOP yet) & I’ve been busting my ass in pvp…to see these loser assholes getting rewarded & basically honorfarming with zero real effort sickens me. I’ve put in my time…& my mage has over 40k kills to her name, but I EARNED every single one of them. People who use bots should be perma-banned. No excuses or exceptions.

  5. @TheRetri Jeans I’m not retarded for stating something that is true. At least 80% of battleground that consist of a high number of bots depending on the team with the bots is much more likely to lose the game due to havingbmore bits than players on your team. Having high damage means nothing. You buy the game to play it yourself. Lazy morons like you don’t deserve the gear you never earned in the first place. Gtfo and let us actual gamers enjoy the game.

  6. you sure are a retard there are more advance bots like honorbuddy that does more damage then you and more hps then you with the right custom classes i bot 7 years now never been banned because i know how 2 bot right we botters can auctually do something when not playing wow we can move or self and using lazyraider and the bot wil just do the rotation.

  7. Bots are getting more “smart” and human-like. I have a good friend irl who bots 24/7. He either levels, gold farms, or just farms battlegrounds. I went over one time and he was bg botting and his bot wasn’t following or just avoiding being afk, it was actually playing objectives, attacking players with relevant spells and using procs when they pop up and using CDs as well. You could never tell it is a bot, and I found this funny as his bot was doing better than the real players in his bgs.

  8. I’m fucking tired of these fucking noob bots, ruin my fucking game, i paid to play WoW, not “World Of Bots” -_-‘

  9. i need to say i had been using bots in wow but only when i farmed something but never in PVP.

  10. i dont know about you, but when I join a bg, I want to PvP, not PvE. And it ruins the fun if you know that the people you are fighting againts are actually not real people

  11. Blizzard is bullshitting, 90% of the bots are created and owned by Blizzard. They all have the same PvP gear too

  12. I’ve been botting 2 and a half years, got a 3 hour suspension about a weeka go. (First time for anything)

  13. So sick of fucking bots. Right now im doing a ton of AV match. You can see these dipshits following in the same path every time. OVER HALF of the raid is bots.

  14. I pvp with my mage a lot and I have seen many many bots around… but I can’t understand why do they do that? what will they achieve?

  15. What Blizzard want us to do to combat Botting , is use the afk feature , well that’s all find and dandy , until a new bot steps in replacing the old one.

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