World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Swifty 1 Shot Macro (WoW Gameplay/Commentary) Click this to watch World of Warcraft: Swifty Presents Warlock Vs Warriors Ft. Raythunda (WoW Gameplay/Commentary)…


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  1. YO MAN TRY THIS ITS AMAZING : /cast Berserker Rage
    /cast Recklessness
    /cast Inner Rage
    /cast DPS trinket
    and before that use Deadly Calm,Rend,Sunder Armor…just remove his armor and use this…than any attack you want 😀

  2. i only saw this today 😀 i made similar macro on my own last year tryed to duel fully geared resto druid ! killed him so fast he didt even made any heal, he was very surprized said ”WTF? its not possible! ” 😀

  3. I know, it was sacrasm bro! It doesnt matter if you are horde or alliance, just be happy that you are playing it, ^^

  4. Can anyone tell me exactly what cata patch this is? I haven’t played wow since vanilla

  5. this could be used in private servers that have 4.0.6 or less use it you poor people who cant affrod live servers ( or just cheap bastards ;))

  6. /cast Berserker Stance
    /cast Deadly Calm
    /cast Inner Rage
    /use dps trinket
    /cast Recklessness
    /cast Battle Stance

  7. so if this is spose to work in wow patch 4.0.6? how come when i use eaither inner rage or deadly calm it stops me from using the other any 1 know y?

  8. deadly bug because this was calm and inner rage can not be used while you use it and then appear the two is that you get so much …..

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