World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Free Download (Official)

Filename: crusadersquestcheatsnosurvey.exe

FileSize: 20 MB

Free crusadersquestcheatsnosurvey is ready for download

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  1. This is the Full version of Mists of Pandaria. You have to play on a private server, otherwise it won't work. There's a list of private servers in the description.

  2. It's not normal, but since I got this from the official site, the link updates automatically. So this now works for Mists of Pandaria :D

  3. its crap don't trust it just downloaded allot of crap on my computer and changed my internet i had Google Chrome but now it is some werd name idk what happend

  4. This is the official download, if you don't buy WoW, you can play on the WoW servers, but there are limits, such as no goblins or worgens, and a level limitation of 20. If you would have registered and started playing on private servers of cataclysm, you can be worgen, you can be goblin and you can get to level 85.

  5. make a vid. of how to connect to private server..on this thing i'll subsribe and like ur video pls

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