1. i feel the same way about my prot pally… i was devestated when it no longer felt like my tank… last time i played, we needed dps gear, i didn’t give a rats ass haha i just worked extra hard while wearing the PROPER tanking gear hahah. but in the end, it wasn’t the same pally i loved. even when all other toons got boring; i could still resort to my pally. but no longer. hope things have changed, as i’m considering returning for a month.

  2. haven’t played in about a year, maybe a little less… when i left, nothing felt like WoW anymore, just felt like a new/different game… couldn’t really stick with it anymore.. even my beloved prot pally didn’t feel like its self anymore… i’m considering returning for a month, but i’m undecided. hoping it’ll be fun with these new changes 🙂

  3. Wow they’ve made this game much easier. I’m currently on break right now (haven’t played since mid May) but I’m sure when I come back it’ll be just as fun. Looking forward to these new features and changes

  4. Most people I know who left wow , including me, left because our toons became useless classes and/or the community of players are just hateful people. it’s hard being on a game you pay for with your own money and have to listen and be in a group of crazy out of control racists bigots who do nothing but belittle other players. This along with a giant teddybear for new class is poop.

  5. WoW was my only and best MMO. I have not played it in a long time.. so long my Toon is lvl 85 lol. I want to go back until i started playing on STEAM. I miss my Warlock and my Shaman. I think Warcraft will draw in more players if they stop making the game a big cartoon.. teddybears and nerfs are just horrible. Stop allowing classes to become unplayable and there will not be a need to nerf as much on update. I may go back if my Warlock is worth playing.

  6. WoW isn’t dead, Tell me why it would be wrong to make arenas and duels longer. PvP got better when they nerfed burst.

  7. I thought they fixing it but some guys just don’t have time anymore. So they decided to quit and give away their high level accounts for free to those who are willing to take good care of it.

  8. Lol then don’t play it dude, I’d rather have 8 million players enjoy content then 3 million cunts yelling about how hardcore they are. The only drawback is now I have to hear 3 million cunts yelling about how hardcore it was on youtube

  9. If i dont play the horde quest line until patch 5.4 comes out wont i be able to play it at all?

  10. 8.1 million subscribers still ! Still for a casual game making a lot of money and the heroic raids are considered some of the hardest wow history! Just cause you don’t have the hardcore lvling gearing and grinding experience like vanilla and tbc doesn’t mean endgame isn’t hardcore!

  11. The guy you replied to is right. wow is no where near dead. If people such as yourself need to continue to preach that fact then why continue to view wow related content.

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