WoW 5.2 Gold Guide 20k-30k per Day

WoW 5.2 Gold Guide 20k-30k per Day

A nice little gold making tip I thought I’d share with you all!
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  1. hey..guy check this out,my friend make 30,0000 gold per day in WOW on complete autopilot!

  2. i did it yester day with a druid but i cant loot his loot same to him evry one have ther own loot but of you are farming them i recmond the t-rex or the bird thingy cos thay drop mor bone then the dinohorn

  3. hey dude, when you farm for this and you’re only 2 or 3, problem is, does everyone get 999 bones, cause you’d have to go with people that just want to help and thats kinda rare to find people grinding 2 hours and not caring about getting anything ^^

  4. pffffrt, first scene looks like an g*y pala in front of stormwind, but tooooooo close! … Its a joke! nice tutorial 😉

  5. I haven’t done this recently but I still see them asking 20k in the Hellscream AH. I would imagine as time goes by the prices will drop.

  6. yea first few days it came out i lived there, farmed 6 by myself because i switched to blood spec to solo them.

  7. Thanks I appreciate the feedback! It didn’t take me too long to sell the pet I got in this video. I put that one up for sale on the low end of the price range and it sold fast! I see quite a few up in the 30k range and I’m not sure how fast they are selling. I have another one up for sale and I’ll let you know how fast it sells.

  8. I searched for gold making in “uploaded in this week” and found this video, and I am extremely satisfied! The quality, music and chill feeling was perfect, and the guide seemed pretty nice as well (even though I have no tried it out yet!) How long did it take for you to sell this companion? Because I am currently trying to sell a pretty rare companion (fox kit) myself, but seems like no one bothers to buy! thanks for answer and keep the good work up! subscribed of course.

  9. This is amazing! Your video quality is that of channels with millions of subscribers, your going to get big fast. Nice video as always. Subbed 🙂

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