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  1. Yeah its fun to level up chars but when you have about 15 chars then you dont want to do it again. I did my first 12 chars by hand the other 3 was with bot and Im having one for mining up all the time. That makes me about 2k gold a day… its not that much but since I only need to check my computer once ever 3h for 2min its pretty nice.

  2. +1 to the guys for writing this cool program, i fully understand the great difficulties you guys had to overcome making this, if you read this comment be sure to let me know what its written in 😛

  3. OMG I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!! I just bought it yesterday.
    People it IS safe! But it is a little bit hard to figure out how to make the right path and such 😛

    -Qwerty (Hardstyle Producer)

  4. Okay, if i pay the 10$ for elite membership, can i download the bot then? Please reply fast 😀

  5. DUUUDE ! 😀 OMG ! I will buy this VERY soon i just don’t have any money right now! 😀 But it looks freaking awesome! 😀

    Btw the song is sooo fucking awesome!! 😀

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