WoW Gold – (5000g/hr) Magister’s Terrace Gold Farming – Dubisttot

WoW Gold - (5000g/hr) Magister's Terrace Gold Farming - Dubisttot

This week we take a look at one of my favorite instances in the game. I love this instance because it was back during my favorite part of WoW (BC) and I can …
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  1. You can see that the greens make up for the majority of the gold, probly just shitty luck with drops. =

  2. Advice if you skip the mobs right before kael the speech won’t happen and you can just kill the mobs right after in the death speech and it turns out to be pretty nice timing

  3. If you have a tailor, I’d recommend making it into bags (one stack of cloth per bag). Otherwise, it’ll usually sell for 7-12g per stack, depending on your realm.

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  5. to avoid some of that RP, walk around left or right of the adds just before the last boss, attack boss, then kill adds. even on H mode, skips his RP dialogue. Can’t avoid the post-fight rp tho.

  6. Tip for the last boss, skip the trash before him and there isn’t any RP! kill the pack after you down him GG!

  7. Only sell those that have a unique look,may want to reposting them for a decent amount untill it sells.Otherwise vendor everything,hope for the pet drop(learn it then cage it) and sell that.5K a hour is however impossible.

  8. Thanks man! I will definitely try this method, but did you sell the greens to a vendor, or on the auction house??

  9. on the final boss if you pull him without killing the last mob in the room you don’t have to wait through his speech

  10. if you skip the mobs before kaelthas then go back for them after attacking him you can attack automatically no rp

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