WoW Gold – 8000g/hr – Scarlet Monastery Gold Farming – Silk Cloth – Dubisttot

WoW Gold - 8000g/hr - Scarlet Monastery Gold Farming - Silk Cloth - Dubisttot

This week we take a look at a new favorite place for farming. I discovered it while leveling my mage, and so I took a look on my main. I wasn’t disappointed …
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  1. hey..guy check this out,my friend make 30k gold per day in WOW on complete autopilot!

  2. you dont reset after the 1st one, you reset after you done both gy and armory, but that you will make 8k an hour is bullshit.

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  4. It have been changed in MoP, so only 5 runs per hour.
    - the videos he’s making doesnt seems to work, or you may have worked, but since they maked the change (5 runs per hour) it doesnt.

  5. I’m a lvl 78 Prot Paladin, can I pull the instance like this and be okay? My gear is just some pieces from instances btw

  6. this does not work anymore the thing is that the u will not be able to sell all the cloth .. cuz there is no such big need for it anymore .. i did this with my mage q start of 5.0 and it worked out fine .. i farmed like 2 weeks 2 houres every day but than the prices went down cuz no one wanted to buy it and i had farmed so much of it .. 😀

  7. Isn’t it only 5 runs of the same instance per hour? I mean, isn’t it 5 armory and 5 monastery?

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