Xbox 360 gamerscore mod using Modio & Profile editor (EASY)


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Xbox 360 gamerscore mod using Modio & Profile editor (EASY)was extracted from


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  1. it works, but i did it about 2 years ago, then xbox ban my profile for 2
    weeks and my gamescore is “Cheater” D:

  2. @PureDeise i take it thats the USB tool? because some 1 said some thing on
    another video of mine , and the only thing that is the same is the USB tool

  3. any mods that are not done online can be removed, reset or cleared …. and
    like i said before this does work with online profiles as long as u was
    offline when u unlocked them

  4. I had to redownload my profile which is normally 58mb. when it first
    finished downloading from xbox live it was like 130kb. and finally a day
    later it reached 13mb. try to mod this file but has error when opening. has
    anyone come across this problem if so how many days until the profile has
    been fully established

  5. @skaterfreak1904 You have to remove the non moded file fist by right click
    then delete and then drag the moded file on to ur memory stick

  6. its ment to take away the achievements but i think that only works for
    online profiles or online profiles that havent yet connected to the
    internet after unlocking the achievement

  7. I did this and after a couple of days I cant play online. So every 3 days
    or so I have to replace the old modded one with another modded one and I
    don’t have a backup anymore 🙁

  8. u know its been so long i cant remember but some reasons may be because the
    new xbox update or you need to get the latest copy of profile editor i will
    inbox u a link to the 1 i still use

  9. i never done map packs befor but i willl try and see it id can be done then
    i will upload a video but most cases u have to pay for the software but
    like i said i will see what i can do , and thanks for the feed back 😀

  10. if ur using a data kit then watch the video over again and im shore you
    will understand if ur using a USB Stick i will send u a link for my other

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