Xbox One Ark Survival Tutorial: Set Yoursef as Admin on Your Nitrado Rented Server


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Xbox One Ark Survival Tutorial: Set Yoursef as Admin on Your Nitrado Rented Serverwas extracted from

This is a short video on how you set yourself as admin on your Nitrado rented server.


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  1. my main profile(playing character..also set up server with this profile/GT) can type in the admin password in the "password bar" but 2nd profile(admin character) cant type in the admin password in the 'admin password bar' how do i give admin powers to players?? since they cant type in the password?

  2. You sound like one of my aquarium customers. It's so distracting. LOL But thank you for this video! It'll help a lot! If I summon a wyvern and forcetame it, can I safely unclaim it for a small tribe who needs a bit of an assist?

  3. Did you happen to host a scorched earth server off another xbox a while back? I used to play on a server called JdLandis

  4. Thank God for you! I was getting so frustrated trying to figure out to activate my admin, I was about to break something, then I came across your video. Thank you!

  5. Hola gente, busco gente que quiera jugar en un server en Xbox One. Como casi no tengo tiempo de jugar pues no quise meterme a un server oficial asi que rente uno de estos servers privados (nitrado) para 10 jugadores y esta configurado para subir un poco mas rapido de nivel, tameo aumentado, recoleccion aumentada, estadisticas aumentadas, etc, eso si NADA exagerado para que tampoco sea muy facil y no haya interes de buscar, lo tengo en modo PVE si les interesa mandar Inbox, y les paso los datos de conexion gracias.

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