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  1. gahh lumin! use the shotgun properly. it is only worth taking a shot from 2-4 tiles away, otherwise your accuracy is terrible. use run-n-gun to get up in their grill and finish them off with a shotgun.

  2. I would like to be on your list of heroes please. Maybe you could roll the list over to your next play through. Really enjoying this and Bioshock. 🙂

  3. you are behind on tech. i think you should try and get some lasers and armor. also capture some aliens

  4. ''because i was told that snipers have a decent range'' MOTHER OF GOD HOW UNUSUAL! 😉

  5. Well played Lumin, remember to reload more often thou, and take pistol shots when the alien only has 1 HP 🙂

  6. with exploding cars the only time it will work like you want is when you fire at it with a rocket launcher or grenade and it has to hit the bonet first other wise it takes 1 or 2 turns for it to go off

  7. I highly recommend when you only have to do 1 damage to an enemy, like with that first, Chryssalid, to switch to pistol to conserve rifle ammo. Especially in terror missions, you can run out of ammo at really awkward moments if you're not careful.

    Whenever I hear you say "Lemon" I can't help think of 30 Rock, haha!

    With a shotgun, long range shots are much more likely to hit with the pistol. On those shots with the Floater at one, you could switch to pistol for a better shot with Helene.

  8. "Mr. Marin" looks like MR Marin, which seems like the name of a famous artist or author. I like that…

  9. Well, to be honest, I think Lumin should listen to you :), at least to some extend. I mean, it is soldier safety first, and terror missions are the worst missions for an attempted capture, but getting research credit and plasma weapons is pretty important in my opinion. Especially the sectiod and the thin man are important for research credits.
    However, I don't think he will be able to progress far enough this month to "turn the whole thing around", but hey, you never know :D.

  10. Don't worry man, the gaming skill of people being "bad" is starting to be a new expression.

  11. Fun Fact: I feel bad about my gaming skill when you say you're bad at a game because i'm 20 times as bad as you at 99% of the games you play

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