Yelling About Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (Birth by Sleep 0.2)


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  1. Part of the process of becoming a true KH fan is realizing how bad the story is written, and still absolutely loving it.

  2. what if i read the manga about it then played 2.5 cause im broke to buy the entire manga then 2.8

  3. I grew up watching my brothers play KH since i was a little 6 year old girl. now im 15 and an undying fan of this series. yet this is that ONE GAME IN THE ENTIRE SERIES THAT MAKES YOU SMASH YOUR CONTROLLER HARDER THAN THAT CHOCOBO RACE IN FFX

  4. No, it's super offputting. Don't worry. The engine makes the people look really uncanny for some reason. Environments? AMAZING. But the people look…strange.

  5. Finally getting to this video, because I just finished 2.0. Honestly, Mickey weirds me out and he doesn't look… good. I don't think they've gotten him down. But I absolutely love how Goofy and Donald look.

    I feel like KH1 was a standalone that just happened to get popular so they had to keep adding to it. At first they seemed to have an idea of where things were going up until KH2 (maybe to an extent Days?), but after that they kept having to retcon and it only got worse with the .5 games. I adore these games and tend to ignore the weird hiccups, but I think anyone can still enjoy the game as long as they understand it was never a finished concept.

    I'm really hoping that once KH3 is done, and we're onto the next saga, that Nomura and co have it planned or at least storyboarded to the end. Here's hoping they don't decide to see it these blunders as a good way to make money.

  6. …2 hours demo? Well I must've REALLY dragged it out lol I was close to 5 hours when I finished. Well I love Aqua too so I had to get 2.8 but I was tempted not to considering Dream Drop Distance is the KH game I hate the most. Those stupid Dream Eaters ugh. Nomura turning this into Pokemon. Not to mention the flipping back and forth. All in all though, I did really enjoy 0.2 and wish it were longer.

  7. I feel like it's both. The plot i mean. It's a badly written clusterpoop made up as it goes along, but also an intricate tapestry of storytelling filled with foreshadowing and plot twists of the absolute most edgelord variety. like nomura is equal parts dunderhead and mastermind.

    i feel like he has this vision for what he wants, whether thats any good or not your milage may vary, but…he's not totally sure exactly how to GET there, and keeps changing his mind half way through, all while failing to pay attention to his own prior works. and then he messes it up. big time. coughcompilationoffinalfantasy13cough.

    also yes. yes he does love the number 13 to an unreasonable degree. so edgy. coughfinalfantasycough

    as an aside, it looks like donald and goofy are getting kicked to the curb at some point, because there's only room for seven warriors of light apparently. here i thought the princesses of heart would be relevant or whatever since theres seven of THOSE, but yknow, nomura. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Micky, Not!Ansem (might be a bit wierd for riku, just sayin), Not!Roxas, and aqua.

  8. HA No couldn't give less shit to the story of this franchise since BBS and especially since DDD, it's basically bullshit and it's all there is to it my main focus is the gameplay and must admit this game/demo kind of makes me hype (and they finally get rid of this shitty command system).

  9. I guess since I'm playing 'em in a binge (I was 3 when KH1 came out, and though I Played KH 1 and 2 as a kid I never partook in the "side" content) I don't mind things all tying in together in a pretty messed up bow? Like I'm fine with Aqua being at the end of KH1, it's fine. I love KH anyway!
    Also, I think the renders were only weird on Yen Sid (though I thought he always looked a bit weird but that's my own faults with his original character design, his eyes specifically) and Mickey. His head just looks segmented and he looks weird overall. I hope they fix his model before KH3 comes out at least, because right now he just looks… strange. I think Sora and Aqua and even Goofy look really great in this engine. My favorite thing about 0.2 was not the level design but how everything LOOKED. Like, it was really more Epic Mickey, Oogie's Revenge, Pooh Baseball, whatever your grimdark disney game of choice is, but it was still DISNEY it was vibrant and had soft character models and it was pleasant. I'm glad they aren't trying to force realism on the environments, like it still looks like Disney but with the contrast turned down (I mean, it IS the Dark World)
    Overall, I liked this game, I thought the final boss was a bit too grindy but once ya git gud he isn't a hard thing to take on. Could it have been longer? Yeaaaah, I would've enjoyed a bit more bang for the buck, but it's fun overall. I think my purchase of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was a good one.

  10. I never understood why KH1.5 and KH2.5 were so cheap when they were new, but even the KH1.5+2.5 bundle is cheaper than KH2.8, and that just makes it look like a terrible, terrible deal on a game that isn't even essential

  11. I started to like the graphics after playing through it a couple of times. The Disney characters are jarring but gosh stuff looks so pretty. Wish it felt less demo-y though too. I would have loved to see more with aqua because she is my fav but it's still nice. it got me hyped as fuck for kh 3 though.

  12. Tbh I enjoyed 80% of 0.2 and it was good at it's combat but I didn't really enjoy that if you ran out of a certain Item it still keeps that slot in there and it bothers me cuz it wastes unnecessary time when you quickly scroll down to the item you want to use. I don't know if it's just me though, as someone who is currently playing it on critical, I can't find a comfortable spot for level grinding not even when I played it on proud mode.

  13. I think 0.2 could have gone so much better. For example, after being separated from the illusions of Terra and Ven, Aqua will dive deeper into the Realm of Darkness, discovering unknown worlds, fighting ancient mysterious Heartless' or something like that instead of trying to make everything seemed connected when the story never really needed that.

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