Zelda: Breath of the Wild GRAPHICS COMPARISON (Nintendo Wii U VS Nintendo Switch)

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  1. to anyone who has the switch version, i have a 65" tv and im worried that the image might look stretched, what is your experience? i know that its higher resolution but i still wonder if there is nothing to worry about

  2. The switch version has way more color and life to it, while the Wii U version is kinda dull and foggy

  3. The Wii U version is mich more darker and shady, while the Switch version sparkles and is light and vibrant. However, I have the Wii U version. And I don't know why, but the characters also look slimmer on the Switch than they do on the Wii U version.

  4. I played the whole thing on the Wii U and it looked like the switch side. It did not have that weird filter…idk why, just funny to me.

  5. this video is a perfect depiction of how you tubers try to deceive people in order to get them to fall in line with their own line of thinking. this person has the wii u colors set to a darker setting with less contrast. these games look exactly the same in real life UNLESS the switch is hooked to a tv, at with point it the switch looks better but has way more dropped frames. i have the game on switch so I'm not knocking the system, just the lack of context in this video comparison.

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