DBD Hacker puts FREDDY on Nintendo Switch! *GAMEPLAY*

Filename: deadbydaylightfreddykruegerps4.zip

FileSize: 20 MB

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DBD Hacker puts FREDDY on Nintendo Switch! *GAMEPLAY*was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720




A HACKER on Dead by Daylight hijacked our stream! This hacker sent us FAKE DLCs titled “toilet paper” and put us in PS4 LOBBIES and then, as you’ll see in this video, NINTENDO SWITCH LOBBIES!

We played FREDDY on Nintendo Switch!!!

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  1. A hacker came into my stream and hijacked my account and put me on console, as well as sent pop-ups… This is wild!

  2. Waiiiit. I played against an invisible hacked freddy on switch a few months ago. And I reported the heck outta them ^^"

  3. Can you tell me how are you hacked Freddy Kruger on Nentendo switch Because I have a Nintendo switch and Dbd in it

  4. Either yall are stupid for believing he is on Switch or he actually is. But the proof i see is the M1 icon and E Icon meaning he is clearly on PC

  5. Hello, I'm t0maty, the claudette of this game. And yes, i don't see you. I had screen. It's so fun

  6. Switch players: Oh boy just had my juice box. Cant wait for a great match
    Ardetha: Welcome to your nightmare bitches.

    Wait no that gives me an idea, a new addition to the ACU Universe. Nintendo freddy.

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