Destiny 2 got me HYPED!!


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  1. OMG you play destiny? I hope never meet u on crisol, you must be like an infernal sniper and…oh god, poor enemy team xDDD

  2. Can't say I was a big fan of destiny. Not because of the pay or get lost concept, but because you purchase the dlc and when the next update comes out you need to buy that dlc. No problem.(new player joins destiny) okay I guess I'll buy the game with the new dlc and forget about the old one can't do half the stuff without he previous dlc. Not to mention after over 1 year they didn't remaster anything or update the gear. It's just a cash grab. I won't say it wasn't fun but they are assholes and I don't financially support assholes fuck bungie. I've played he beta yeah there are a couple of new things as well as a couple mechanics but not enough in my opinion to say the game is innovative it's mostly the same shit. It's an expansion to say the least the generic structure of the game is the same and I wouldn't say it deserves 60 bucks or more 40$ at most. For new players prepare to get ass fucked by 40$ dlc or you basically can't even play the game. I'm 24 with a full time job currently but 12 year old kids I'm pretty sure don't want to ask their parents to buy a flirty dollar dlc. Atleast I wouldn't when I was 10 or 12. So fuck them I guess I'll play cod ww2 instead which could be complete shit or maybe I'll play overwatch until a really good game comes out.

  3. I was going to join your dank squad on ps4 but I can't because there so many if you dont my can you friend request me or just request me to your community in not that hood at it but wants to join my pan is jayj_twinn

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